Dogberry Himalspyr

The Butcher of Merlthor

A man with much to atone for. Once an officer in good standing in the Limsa Lominsan navy, his pride led him on a chase for revenge with too great a cost for any man's soul. He now seeks redemption, however it comes.

A Checkered History of Valor and Villainy

Once a capable harpooner aboard a whaling vessel, when the Garlean threat came Daghbheri "Dogberry" Himalspyrsyn became interested in much worthier sport. He enlisted in the Maelstrom's navy and quickly rose set a standard of service above and beyond the humble expectations set for him. It was a meteoric rise to the rank of Captain aboard a ship named "Syldra", and fitting that the meteor destroyed his ship in the wake of The Calamity. In the depths, before the darkness overtook him, he swears he saw the form of a serpent. Washed ashore a broken man, Dogberry fell into a life of alcohol and debauchery to cope with his survivor's guilt. It took years for him to straighten himself out. A summoning of Leviathan brought with it a revelation. Was it Leviathan he saw in that water? If so, why was he spared? He had to know.The battle raged for hours in the pouring rain, and at the end when Leviathan sunk down into the depths, the serpent's whips lashed across the deck, and severed Dogberry's legs at the knees.

Syldra's Revenge

A former Garlean scientist created a pair of magitek legs for Dogberry in exchange for service. Together they would develop a means of neutralizing the primal threat. Dogberry, with revenge on his mind, set himself to the task. As primals were summoned, Dogberry led a crew empowered by devices that would inhibit tempering. But this itself was not the weapon in question. A weapon was created that could harness the power of a primal and throw it back at them. With the help of the Maelstrom, and the work of his Garlean co-conspirator, Dogberry tested the weapon on his hated foe - Leviathan.Though his revenge was sealed, the weapon malfunctioned, bleeding into Dogberry and sending him into a fit of madness. He declared himself the new Lord of the Whorl and commanded his ship attack the Maelstrom observers. After a pitched battle, Dogberry was taken alive and put under trial for treason. He would be sentenced to death.

Death in Gyr Abania

With the liberation of Ala Mhigo, the Maelstrom could not spare soldiers. Dogberry's sentence of death would carry out in a strange and desperate way. Dogberry would be sent to the front lines in order to aid in the liberation of Ala Mhigo. With thoughts toward earning a stay of execution and seeing his lover, Brynhilde Wulf, and their daughter Aralinde, Dogberry agreed to fight.Dogberry fought valiantly in some of the worst battles of the campaign, including the fall of Specula Imperiatoris and the Battle of Ala Mhigo. For his efforts, he was rewarded a stay of execution. He would now be a free man.

Life After Death

The war left Dogberry a shell of his former self. He spent time in Warmwine Sanitorium to deal with the trauma of the liberation. Afterward, he found his relationship with Brynhilde ruined. For a time, he was even incapable of taking care of his daughter. It was a hard fought battle to get her back, but when Dogberry did, he promised to settle down. Now he lives at The Maid's Basin in The Goblet with his lover Honey Jade and raises his children in peace. Mostly.A recent brush with death has changed him in fundamental ways. A pact was made in the darkness of death, and now Dogberry has found himself being used once more as a weapon for an unknown purpose by an entity he cannot comprehend. Will he be able to hold on to all that he loves while serving the purposes of the voice in the darkness?